Monday, April 6, 2009

Something evil has invaded my body,

something nano-sized and malevolent that introduced itself as innocuous while concealing its malicious intent. My trusty little gate-keepers let it waltz on in, and now, a week or two later, I sound like an old crone who has done nothing but smoke cigarettes and knock back whiskey for the past three decades.

In other words, I'm sick.

For a while there I had almost convinced myself that it was allergies, but allergies don't get progressively worse with more and more body involvement as the days go by. No, this is a good, old-fashioned cold.

I took medicine last night to knock me out help with the symptoms and when I woke up the symptoms had merely shifted around, but they were still there. Instead of having a dry throat, I had a completely dry tongue. Can you imagine? It's quite disconcerting, believe me.

This tells me that for a significant portion of the night I was a mouth breather. Of course, given that my nose was backed-up to New Jersey, that only makes sense.

But now I'm awake and trying to determine the best course of action to conquer the invasion. So far the only things on my list are
Lots of liquids,
Keep the tissues within arms reach, and
Put lip balm under my nose.

I think I'll have some soup. And maybe coffee.
And chocolate - chocolate is good for the soul, right? It's gotta be good for the body.

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