Saturday, May 2, 2009


It should be Thursday, because I just got over the hump.

The words to get through the minor black moment have been eluding me. H&H shut up and I could not figure out why. So, I was typing and reading and ruminating and just trying to do the best I could to get my words back.

It came to me in the middle of a marathon reading session. I thought, maybe he needs to jump the timeline and get back to her ASAP. And all I could hear in my head was, "YES YES YES!!" It's funny how eager he is to be back with her. He can't stand the time apart.

I already knew that. Every reader of a romance book knows that. But my poor sap hero had to shout it from the rooftops.

I got more words done yesterday. Not too many, because I was exhausted, but enough to get myself back in the game. Hero is willing to open up to me now because he knows he's going to get to go back to heroine soon.

Heroine, meanwhile, showed me an avenue out of the timeline jump that I'm happy to pursue. You know those nifty secondary characters? They're more than just flavour. Heroine wants to chat about her misery--leaving time in the plot for him to jump timeline while she delays it--putting them back in the same place and time about a week before I anticipated it happening.

No worries. They're going to make it work for themselves. I just find myself highly amused whenever I think of sending him back on the road to be with her, because no matter how I phrase it in my head or approach it from a different angle, all I can hear is him shouting, "YES, YES, YES!!"

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Dave said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment at Adventures in Fiction.

Your story sounds fun. Romance and timeline jumping sounds adventurous.

Venus Vaughn said...

Thanks, Dave.

I enjoy Adventures in Writing, it's a good blog.