Sunday, January 4, 2009


Mary Poppins anyone?

So I have this theory that finding an agent is kind of like hiring a nanny. Go with me here. A nanny needs you for her income (or his, but I'm gonna stick with the feminine for this one). Without you and your baby, a nanny is out on the streets. And without a nanny, you have to do all the work of showing your baby to the world all by yourself.

But the good nannies? The REALLY good ones ... they're booked. They're booked from last year through 2020, and even if they aren't, they can say they are because they only really have time to take on the best babies. The cutest, smartest, best turned-out babies will catch their eye, and if you're lucky, they might just spot your kid on the side of the road and offer their card.

You want your kid to get out in the world and be admired in all the best places. The nanny can do that. She can get into places you don't even know about because she's been doing this for a while. So you, with your shiny, new baby, set out in the world to hire yourself a first-class nanny - and guess what? Everybody else in the freakin' city has their eye on your nanny.

This poor lady has ugly kids shoved in her face all day long with empty promises that, "you'll love him once you get to know him." So she gets to be picky... really, really picky. She gets to examine and criticize and reject your baby. And, if you want your kid to be well-received at the deb's ball, you kind of have to take it.

Then, when your kid is successfully entered into society, you get to pay her for all your hard work. And then, you hand over the next baby into her tender, loving care.

The agent as nanny. You need them to guide you through the vicissitudes of publishing a book, but they REALLY need you to pay the rent. Just a little something to keep in mind.

In other news, I wrote a haiku a couple of days ago.

Their eyes on a train
met. Her lips, plump, newly wet.
They haven't parted.

Just Finished: The Full Body Project (I was disappointed, I wanted more models and more individual shots)
Currently reading: A Kink In Her Tails
Just about to start: Visions of Heat
Just about to start: Broken [Edit: This is the BEST book I've read in the past 12 months]

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