Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Barack Tea Party

Two years ago I was fired.

Euphemistically, the boss said I was 'let go', but I believe in calling a spade a spade. I was fired. The truth of the matter is. I expected it to happen for about a year before it came, I was surprised my boss held off as long as he did. After all, he brought in my replacement for me to train many months before that.

My ex-boss was a small man, physically and mentally. He was a sexist. He was an elitist. He was a homophobe, but he wasn't a racist (at least not that I could tell). He was petty though. Small-minded, willing to bend the rules to line his pocket, happy to kiss any rich ass regardless of how that ass treated others. My ex-boss tried to be fair, he really did - it's just that his warped little mind didn't really get the concept that fair is for everybody, not just for him and his friends.

I hated that job. I really disliked him, and to tell the truth, he was no fan of me either. But my customers loved me, and I did my job well enough that we were willing to ignore one another, or paint false smiles on our faces when that didn't work.

That's just background though, what I really wanted to say was that I was happy I was fired. I was THRILLED. I was so, so glad to leave that toxic environment behind. I was happy never to see most of those people again. The gossip, the ignorance, the underhandedness, the out and out lies, the insistence that I sell to people who have no need. I was free.

That's what the inauguration felt like today. A throwing-over of the old, and a new opportunity for freedom. The toxic atmosphere has been blown away. I no longer have to bow my head and accept the crap simply because it's coming from the top down.

With the new administration, I can hold my head high again. I no longer have to accept 'isms' because they come from someone who can and will punish me for speaking out (and if you don't think that's what the misnamed Patriot Act was about, you're not thinking). The cronyism, the anti-intellectualism, the nod and wink to right-wingers while trying to sell the public something that they did not need and would ultimately do them harm - it's over.

The whole country got out from under the ex-boss. We all get to breathe again. We all get to look in a new direction, leave behind the false respect. Small-minded toxicity has left the building.

Let's all go get a new job and live in hope again.

(starting with me getting back to work on my writing)

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