Monday, December 1, 2008

It's tacky, but I start with a pic of my cat.

The only thing that makes this different from every other pet post is that it's a pic of my 2nd cat, the beta cat, the one that makes me wonder why it's not legal to kill your pets. My alpha cat, the one I have power struggles with, the one that was so attentive (read: pushy) that I had to get beta cat, isn't going to get his own post for a while.

Beta kitty is Polly and she is the kneady one. Here she is waving "hi."
Actually I was trying to get a shot of her massive, baseball-mitt-sized paws. I don't know if it comes across in the picture, but it's the best I got.

Now, what this blog is really going to be about is my trials and tribulations as a newbie romance author, trying to get my novel finished, trying to write that first query letter, and *fingers crossed* getting my first publisher.

What lead me to blog? I've been reading soooooo much online written by fellow authors about what they do and don't like in the industry. Reading what critics think about current trends in the industry, about new books out there, and the neverending coversnark. I have also been reading assloads of books, absorbing good writing tricks and styles and hopefully noticing bad writing and deconstructing why. I just wanted to enter into the fray myself. Plus, I think my friends are sick of hearing me talk books, books, books in every single conversation.

As of now I am about 50 pages from finishing the book and then on to the first edit. After that, I'm going to need critique partners and my local RWA ain't being much help. I hate to have to walk the fine line between assertive and in-your-face but I fear I'm going to have to put my bitch out there.

But what's the REAL reason I started the blog tonight? It's all about procrastination, baby! I write longhand (for now) and that means that everything I create has to be typed up at a later date. Which is what I should be doing now. And am not. Because I got sucked into reading other peoples blogs and thought this is an excellent time to start one myself.

So, hi there. I'm your local, friendly romance writer.

Be good, y'all.

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