Thursday, March 18, 2010

Holy Crow!

I am in awe of those of you who hold down a full time job and manage to blog every day.

It's been a while since I've been subject to someone else's schedule and I'm still getting used to the intrusion.  Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful to have a job, but working takes up so much more time than just being at work.

My new position is at a call center for a national glass company.  I'm in that big ol' warehouse eight and a half hours a day, smiling on the phone to people about repairing or replacing their glass.  I'm used to an hour lunch, but no such thing here.  It's a 30 minute thing and I need every second of it.  

Because we have so little time, I have to pack in my lunch every day, and because I'm glued to the phone, there's no such thing as dawdling over the water cooler while filching a doughnut and nursing a cup of coffee.  So every morning, like a good girl, I eat breakfast (oatmeal, coffee and a glass of water), and every night I make lunch and pre-prepare said breakfast.  Add in the commute and altogether I  am somehow spending an extra two hours a day on work prep.

Ten and a half hours a day on work.  Whew.  I'm used to a ten hour sleep days, followed by a light snack, a book, and maybe a nap.  The good ol' days...  Aaaaahhhh

No worries though, I'm adjusting.  The first adjustment consisted of an expanding waistline.  Ooops.  It seems snacking at every break to keep my energy up keeps my weight going up too.  Yeah.  Within ten days I switched to fruits and veggies for my snacks instead of cookies and a candy car.  Mmmmm cookies.  The second and third adjustments came in not writing (or blogging) regularly and reading only ONE book at a time.  Seriously.

It didn't help that in my first three weeks of work I had two out of town visitors who took up every other ounce of free time I had.  I was thrilled to see them, but honestly, couldn't they have waited until I was used to working and not having my two daily naps?

Today was my first full day off (no work or friends) in three and a half weeks.  I lolled in bed, finished a bad book, and watched TV.  Delightful. 

I'm looking forward to getting into a routine.  Back in the dark ages (1999) when I worked at an ISP I managed to write 100 pages of my first book in four or five months.  It was fairly simple, I promised myself I'd spend an hour working on the book every day, and I did.  Time to get back on that determination wagon.  I just need to figure out where to fit it in my day. 

Just Finished: Witness In Death 
Just Finished: Simon Says Mommy 
Just Finished: Devil May Cry 
Just Finished: He Calls Her Doc 
Currently Reading: G is for Gumshoe 
Stalled: Collide


Erika said...

Hey lady. I was wondering how it was all going, and now I know. It's not easy is it? I feel your pain. Between the hours you have to be at the job, the time spent getting to the job and the time spent getting ready to get to the job, there isn't a whole lot of day left. You'll adjust, I have faith in you.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your day off. Now get back to work. ;)

Venus Vaughn said...

Thank you, sweetie.

I know I'm going to adjust, I'm just not sure how yet. I don't get home until about 10:30 usually, so I might learn to go to bed at midnight and make my mid-mornings productive (yeah right!). Or I could find some all night diner and make it my home away from home... or mebbe spend more of my days off writing and less grocery shopping?

It'll come. I just have to figure out my efficiencies for this kind of schedule.