Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seven things you don't (want to) know about me

The fabulous Erika nominated me for a blog award.  The Kreativ Blogger award.  Ergo I am to share seven things about myself and then pass the award along to seven other blogs.  Here goes:
1. I've lived in three countries and am from a small, sub-tropical island.  Most people are floored when I tell them that I live in the desert by choice.

2. I make the best tuna casserole you'll ever taste.  That's probably because I use 5 different sources of dairy and never skimp on fresh ingredients.  But it takes about 2 hours to make -- all of them standing at the stove -- so I don't bother with it too often.

3. My toes are the cutest things ever.  They are connected to equally cute feet, but it's really the toes that stand out.

4. I prefer TV to movies and radio to a music collection.

I feel like I should qualify this though.  I have crappy, crappy cable - the lowest level of service they will even bother to hook up.  (I get channels 3-16 and CNN, but six of those channels are in Spanish or are shopping networks so I only really get about eight stations.)  As a result,  I'm not addicted to TV.  I don't watch reality shows (except SYTYCD, BABY!) I just like the scripted, prime time stuff.  And I'm usually doing other things when the TV's on - commercials are the savior of any multi-tasker.  When I turn it off, it's all about the reading.

In my house I listen to my MP3 collection, but when I'm in the car it's all about radio.  It's one of the ways I hear new music.  On road trips though, it's back to the MP3s. 

5. I don't drink.  I tried to learn how, but it was a dismal failure.  Most of the time I just stick to water.

6. It takes over 2 hours (sometimes 3) to "do" my hair from start to finish ... and it usually lasts about four days when done.  My hair looks pretty damn fantastic when it's done, but I'm always so irritated that I have to plan more than 2 uninterrupted hours in my day to devote solely to hair, that I rarely bother to do it.  When my hair is not done, it looks like ass.
So, yes.  Most of the time my hair looks like ass.  (And not cute J.Lo booty ass either, but overweight-sweaty-plumber-crack ass.)

7. I have a hummingbird feeder on my patio and one hummingbird has set up camp in the pine tree about 10 feet away.  It spends all day defending the feeder from any interlopers.  And there are many interlopers.  I get a weird, sick satisfaction from watching them fight for the nectar I provide.   

I did a quick Google search for Kreative Blogger Award and got over seven million hits.  I'm sure as heck not gonna wade through them to find out where this thing started, but I'm happy to pass it along to a few sites that bring a smile to my face and mebbe a couple of random ones too.  Unfortunately, I only have a few followers, so I doubt they'll ever see it.  But never let it be said I didn't do my part in passing the luuuuuuuuuuuv along.

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Erika said...

Holy cow! Two hours to "do" your hair? My hair would never get done. Ever. "overweight, sweaty, plumber crack ass" LMAO!!!

I choose the desert too. What's wrong with us?

flowers said...

Thanks for the linky love. Just had to randomly did you choose/find me. Like a google search random or.....

curiosity killed my cat.

Susan said...

When I straightened my hair, it took me over two hours, too. But I hated spending that much time, two or three times a week.
So I bought hair goosh and started letting it just curl. (As long as I use enough goosh and don't blow dry, it doesn't frizz too badly.)
Twisted Sisters did this a few weeks ago.
thanks for nominating us.

Venus Vaughn said...

How did I never get around to answering these? Apologies to the three of you.

Erika - yes, plumber ass. It ain't pretty up in there when the Venus gets lazy. But don't worry, I'll make m'self pretty for you. :-)

flowers - yep. It was a random google search. But I went through a bunch of pages before I just included any ol' person. I liked the way your blog was laid out, and that it was so active and pretty.

Susan - I went searching on your site for stuff about bad hair days (or lives) on 3TS and then I finally realized that you were talking about the Kreativ Blogger thing. Hee.

But I also found out that Marilyn Pappano is one of the Sisters. After I unpack my keepers I'm gonna have to re-read some of her books. Fun :)

Susan Shay said...

Yes, Marilyn is one of the sisters. And her books have several places on my keeper shelf.
She's one of the best!